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ESTA visa waiver program

The ESTA visa waiver program allows individual to travel to the US for 90 days or less without the requirement of a visa. Below are the various requirements that one should meet in order to access the program. For more information Please visit: Estavisa.cl

One must be from a country that has been designated with the privilege of accessing the ESTA visa waiver program.

For you to access the ESTA visa waiver program you should be from a country that is VWP designated. The country should have allowance that allows the citizen to access the ESTA visa waiver program. The countries that have been granted with the ability to access this program include Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, Slovenia, San Marino, Norway, Netherlands, Chile, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Portugal, New Zealand, Malta, Monaco, Lithuania, Japan, Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Brunei, Belgium, Andorra, Australia, and Austria. Citizens from the above countries have the privilege to access these services thus making their travel to the United States of America an easy and a fast process. These countries have also been favored since the swift business trips have made their countries to develop tremendously over the past few years.

Every traveler should have a legal authorization under ESTA

For you to travel without having your visa via the VWP you must have the necessary authorization that is designated by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization before catching your flight. ESTA is the body that provides the needed homeland security that gives you the permission to travel even without necessarily having your visa. Your eligibility to travel could be on the basis of tourism or a business mission.

Your Travel must be based on approved career

Visitors who are arriving in the US especially by air should land from recognized and approved career. They should also have round trip tickets which indicate return passages to another country rather than the United States of America.

Visitors should have the correct type of passport

One should ensure that they have a machine readable passport and one that has been approved. The passport should be valid for at least six months. Each member of the visiting family should each have his/her own passport.

The purpose of the visit should be indicated

A lot of people travel to the US for different reasons. Visitors are given the chance to visit the country for 90 days or less. Different people come to the country for different reasons. Below is a discussion of the various reasons as to why people would conduct their visits.

Business purposes

A lot of individuals visiting the US do so with an aim of conducting business conferences or conventions. There are several business summits that are held in the US from time to time. The business trips could also involve conducting scientific research or acquiring some important business training.

Tourism purposes

United States of America is one of the most growing countries in the world. It has various beautiful features in the cities. A lot of individuals visit USA to see the beautiful cities, the classy hotels, and the various fun activities such as sky diving.

For more information Please visit: Estavisa.cl