Valle Nevado Ski Resort

Valle Nevado ski-resort is located in the center of the Andes, located at only 46 kms from Santiago.

Valle Nevado is the largest ski Middle in probably the most modern ski resort and South America in Chile, located at 3,025 metres above sea-level and contemplate nine,000 hectares regarding snowboarding, spread in 22.9 miles of skiable area.

The Ski Season stops through the initial or second week in July and start around second week of Summer. The high-season is almost all of the years the next until the forth week of July.

For That snowboarders, Valle Nevado ski-resort has generated the “Snowboard Park“, using 100 yards long and 50 of extensive, presents two unique trails: Half-Pipe and Line Corner, next to the Raise called “la Escondida” (the hidden). As 2003, Valle Nevado Chile can also be the sole skiing hub inside the Southern Hemisphere that is deemed for the World Cup of Snowboarding from.

If you prefer to see Valle Nevado Ski Centre by yourself, take the approach to Farellones (19.8 miles) and then take the detour towards the Ski Center. Using this level, you will find 8.6 kilometers to reach to Valle Nevado.

Valle Nevado motels delivers implies that are ready for your period, fitness centre and gastronomy, wonderful service.

Valle Nevado Ski centre isn’t merely a ski resort developed for skiing is also an excellent location for those that appreciate dynamics and mountain-view. Together they have more than 10,000 hectares of skiiable exterior using 66.4 kilometers of tracks. In Valle Nevado Ski Chile, you will find snow powder, 34 trails and hills with a distinction that reaches the 810 measures and finish in outstanding Andean grasslands and areas outside trails with excellent virgin snow.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort is the best place if you want to ski, follow snowboard, or heli-ski, and also will be the correct place for those people who are looking for intense ski athletics, because this ski resort has a Snow-Park for jumps and free style.It also counts with trainers on its Skiing institution with more than 70 teachers open to prepare in ski and snowboard in its diverse modalities.

DISCOVER: In winter time, the visitors from 08:00 to 14:00 hours the way is just up and from 14:00 until 20:00 hrs, it is unique to infiltrate. Furthermore, it’s required if you are operating, to hold organizations for snowfall.

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